We’ve executed impactful strategies and projects for air travel, bus rapid transit, train, elevator, fare payment, homeland security, and bike brands. And we are always seeking to expand that list.

Everyone who works at SAND relies upon public transportation as well. You see, we are located on Nantucket Island (yes, it’s lovely) and when we are not using public bike paths or the local WAVE transit system, we are often running for the next ferry. We live this stuff. So, in fact, it matters to us.


We do this because we dig* the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of riders, passengers and commuters. 

We also do it because it’s where the action is. Literally and figuatively.

With worldwide trends for the next four decades pointing toward constant, rapid urbanization — the equivalent to adding a new New York City to the planet every month until the year 2060, few things could be more vital than public and private transportation innovations. We are extremely excited about that.

And optimistic.

Like facts and figures? Download our fact sheet:

* Get it? SAND? Dig? Yeah, we went there.


Your consumers don’t want a relationship; they just want to get to work. Or home to a nice pot roast. They have lives and desires and dreams. And how they interact with your product or service is only a fraction of their day. Understanding them is one of your greatest challenges.

You seek a firm that has done this before. That has delved into the hopes of commuters. That understands the role transportation plays in people’s lives. That can execute on a range of tactics — from expertly produced broadcast to digital tools, environmental and web experiences, outdoor and social media.

One that has spent two solid days with a smelly film crew on a moving bus (hey, sorry film crew guys — we’re just speaking our truth here) and knows both the pitfalls and the secrets to capturing an authentic moment.

You also want a firm that can wrestle with research and divine a strategy resulting in a single, shining insight — one that you can leverage to create lasting loyalty and engagement.


It’s that time of year.

Our favorite client and a bunch of other island artisans, are creating a pop-up on November 27 from 3-7. And we got to create social media ads. That’s our super power. Credits: Lettering and embellishments: Lizbet Carrol. Woodcut: @barrie.prints. Copy/Layout: SAND.