How we work with you.

SAND is built around what is known as the Hollywood model. No joke. It’s a real thing. It involves a centralized producer/CD capability to run projects, and a nimble, accomplished and top-shelf stable of free-agent talent that can be brought to bear upon your projects.

Need a small branded film created? We can literally pull together a team and get started on the day you call.

Want a new product named? We know just the brains to invite to the brainstorm.

Are you launching something new and need market research and a brand strategy? There are three very talented folks we would call to make that happen.

The benefit to you is obvious. You get a bespoke team of the very best pros to execute on your project, but you’re only paying them when they are working for you. With a regular ad agency, the price of talent is spread out over a year and you’re covering their costs whether they are working on your projects or pitching new business or taking a sick day.

The way we work is better for you. And us.

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