What makes SAND different?

When we created SAND, the idea was to execute a moon-shot project that re-defined the traditional ad/marketing agency model and created something entirely new and unique. We continue to refine our ideas on how to work and do great work. Here’s what sets us apart. So far.

The view from our conference room

Well, first of all, we are on Nantucket Island. That’s not just different. It’s unique and beautiful and peaceful. It’s one place on this planet where it’s possible to do one’s best creative work. We don’t have a conference room. We have beach chairs at Jetties Beach. We don’t have designated customer parking spots, we have a ferry dock where we can pick you up. We don’t have a foosball table we have boogie boards and scallop rakes. We don’t have a break room, we have Cisco Brewers’ back patio.

No account service function. Look, some of our best friends are account service people. (Our founder married an AE!) But we have found that the best work happens when creative people and clients can interact and work without a go-between. This also has the added benefit of projects that move more quickly and cost less. Because there are fewer people writing fewer change orders to cover fewer asses (to put it bluntly).

The Hollywood Model. Instead of staffing up and putting creative generalists on your account, we rely upon a sizeable, nimble and highly specialized stable of free-agent talent from around the world that we can bring together for a project and disperse when it’s done. So you only pay for talent when they are applying their skills to your business.

Very virtual. While we love it when clients visit us on Nantucket, and there are times when meeting face to face is important, we also realize that not everyone can spare the time it takes to get here, so we are fully equipped with the latest technology to operate virtually. File servers. Teleconferencing. Screen sharing. And very fast connections to the internet.

Big agency chops, small agency feel. Our people have worked at some large firms on some very impressive household-name accounts. But we also realize that not too many clients want to pay the big agency price tags these days. So we think big, but work small. It’s the best of both worlds, really.

Guaranteed. We want you to feel good about getting down to work with us. So if you are ever unhappy with the work, the product or how you’re being treated, we will not charge you and will refund any up-front money you may have spent. All you have to do is say the word. How many agencies will do that? Not many.