Your consumers don’t want a relationship; they just want to get to work. Or home to a nice pot roast. They have lives and desires and dreams. And how they interact with your product or service is only a fraction of their day. Understanding them is one of your greatest challenges.

You seek a firm that has done this before. That has delved into the hopes of commuters. That understands the role transportation plays in people’s lives. That can execute on a range of tactics — from expertly produced broadcast to digital tools, environmental and web experiences, outdoor and social media.

One that has spent two solid days with a smelly film crew on a moving bus (hey, sorry film crew guys — we’re just speaking our truth here) and knows both the pitfalls and the secrets to capturing an authentic moment.

You also want a firm that can wrestle with research and divine a strategy resulting in a single, shining insight — one that you can leverage to create lasting loyalty and engagement.