A poster-a-day until the 2020 election.

I decided that instead of just waiting to see how the election plays out, I would use my experience and creativity to make some pieces that might have a small impact. Please feel free to share and distribute freely. FYI: these ideas are not approved or paid for by any campaign or PAC. I’m doing this for both my own entertainment and the good of the country. –GS

Time until the election:

Timer expired
Poster 36. Election day. Let’s do this.
Poster 35. One day to go. Tensions are very high. So much uncertainty. My feelings run from a total Biden landslide to the possibility of Trump sneaking by with 273 Electoral College votes. I have a bunch of posters left that I’ve worked up and will likely drop them all later this week.
Poster 34, two days remaining until election day. Two days. Many thanks to star copywriter Kevin MacPhee for the assist on this poster. Kevin proposed the idea and I set out to scour the internet for incoherent Donald Trump quotes. The problem was, there were way too many. I could have done 25 or 30 versions of this poster with the same line at the bottom. The man has a train of thought with no rails. Many of his critics have described him as distractible. It’s easy to see that when reading some verbatim transcripts of his interviews and off-the-cuff remarks. I’m somewhat surprised with all of the squirrels in the trees outside the Oval Office window that he was ever able to pull it together long enough to name three Supreme Court Justices. Unrelated fun fact: The orange in the background of this poster is a color sampled directly from Trump’s face in the photo.
Poster 33 with three remaining before election day. We all know that Trump haes Obama. The president ran on replacing Obamacare with a “better” health care plan. Every time 45 has been asked about it, he assures the questioner that the new plan is two weeks away. But so far we have not seen a viable replacement for Obamacare and if the legislature is going to pass one, they certainly will not be able to do so before the end of the year. But the POTUS is still moving ahead with overturning Obamacare through the SCOTUS. 20,000,000 Americans rely upon Obamacare. Which means that 45 is executing a process that will hurt a lot of people, just so he can remove a healthcare plan that is nicknamed after his political nemesis. Wow. If there was ever a reason to vote against Donald Trump it’s this.
Poster 32 with four days to go. Some simple type and a cheap-trick 3-D effect with competing colors of the same value and a subtle shadow. Biden is up by a hair in Florida. It’s one of the three fast-count states that can make it very hard for Trump to win the electoral college. The other two are Arizona and North Carolina. All will likely announce their results on the evening of November 3rd. Fivethirtyeight.com says Trump has a less than 1% chance of winning if Biden takes Florida, so let’s do everything we can to make sure our friends and family know how important their vote is!
Poster 31 with five days remaining. You know, we can argue the relative value of one policy over another forever. But there is one thing that we can hopefully all agree on: a president who lies over and over again is not good for the country. He does have nice teeth, though…
Poster 31. Six days to go. One of the problems with large numbers and the way we perceive them is that they are not real or relatable for a lot of people. To a wealthy man like Trump, 227,000 is such a small number. He’s used to dealing with billions and trillions. To the average American, 227,000 is more of an abstract concept. When was the last time you saw 227,000 of anything and really grasped it? So my goal here was to show 227,000 of something to give the reader’s brains a reference point. As it turns out, putting 227,000 people on a 24 x 36 poster is problematic. I could do it, but from a practical standpoint, the little people would be so small that the average viewer would not see them. So I had to divide by ten to make it work. When I showed this to the proofreader, it blew her mind. I hope yours is similarly blown.
Poster No. 30, with one week to go. The home stretch. This message is simple. Trust your gut. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, admit it. You sense that there is something that’s just not right about this guy. You feel it deep down. He is un-American. An autocrat. A corruptor of the Constitution and rule of law. A point of national shame. Can you hold your nose and vote for him again, or is the stench just too pungent? Go with your most basic instinct to protect our Republic. Even if it means biting the hand that feeds you. This poster is dedicated to Sarah Teach who has a thing for eagles and for reclaiming the American symbols that, for generations, meant something good, but have recently been co-opted by the radical right.
Poster 29, one week, and part of a day to go before the polls open. I was reading an article this morning about voters who were basically undecided (which blows my mind, frankly) and one of the kinds of voters who sometimes don’t vote and sometimes do is a voter who is not terribly enthusiastic about Joe Biden but is willing to vote if he or she can play a role in keeping Trump from gaining another four years. So I thought about the long list of things that 45 has done and said that are particularly egregious. Earlier this year, I tried compiling a list of reasons to vote 45 out on Facebook, so I used some of those items and a few others to create this poster. As I was posting this I thought of a few others and I’m certain more will pop up.
Poster No. 28 with a week and two days before the polls open. Serious Sunday… A lot of thinking went into today’s poster idea, so please indulge me as I unpack this thing. One of my favorite content creators on the internet is Kenji Lopez-Alt. He is an author and chef, and yesterday he felt passionate enough about the election to post a plea for Biden votes on his Instagram feed. He argued that even if you don’t agree 100% with Biden, voting for anyone but Biden will send us closer to the iceberg that could rip this ship of state apart. The comments in his feed were from those people who felt most passionate about their stance, so you can imagine that there were plenty of Trump supporters telling him he was wrong. (“Stick to food posts!!”) The thing that struck me was that most of them used a little American flag emoji and the MAGA acronym in their posts without a hint of irony. I was wondering if these folks really knew what it means to be an American. If they knew about the values that went into the symbols of America or if they, like 45, knew that those symbols were being warped to mean something entirely different? Suppressing the vote is not an American value, yet, 45’s campaign has 17 lawsuits going in battleground states to keep people of color from voting and has encouraged fringe actors to show up at the polls, some of them heavily armed, to scare voters. Autocracy is not an American value, and yet, 45 has been working very hard to use the elements of the Federal government in ways no other president has to concentrate power in the Executive Branch. Dictatorship is not an American value but 45 has spoken dozens of times about locking up his political opponents. He has snubbed our democratic allies and damaged our standing in the world while befriending the dictators who he obviously admires. Immigration is what has built this country and yet 45 has held a very dangerous anti-immigration stance and has separated parents from children at the border, which is a stench in the nostrils of any decent person. Making America Great Again is not an American value either; for many people, America has never been great. The systemic racism in this country has seen to that. Women are still not equal partners in our society. As a privileged white man, it’s easy to see that so many people could be doing so much better in our country and we would all benefit if they did. The founding fathers created the Constitution “to establish a more perfect union.” They recognized that it was not perfect and may never be perfect. (We can split hairs for an eternity arguing over the definition of “great” and “perfect.”) But it is our job as citizens to do the hard work to approach perfection. The word union is important here, too. We are created to be united as a country. Unfortunately, 45 has sought to divide us in nearly everything he has done. I’m not saying we have to agree 100% of the time, but what I do mean is that we need to try to work together — to set our differences aside and work on the things we can agree upon. For me, and I hope for you, a lot of this MAGA flag-waving is seen as a hollow act. These folks are waving the flag but if they really, truly believed in the values behind it (because, after all, it’s just a symbol) they likely would not be supporting a man whose only concerns are wealth, winning, and power.
Poser 27. Ten days to go. If we were not in the grips of COVID, I feel Climate Change would be a much bigger issue in this campaign. As Biden and others say, it’s an existential threat. And to ignore it and fight against policy change is a crime against the US and humanity. Those of us who live on islands know this better than many.
Poster 26 with eleven very long days to go before the polls open. Has everyone seen the TikTok videos of people dancing like Trump? Google them now! They are, to put it mildly, side-splitting. The best part is, in a lot of these clips Trump is Dancing to the Village People song YMCA, which is a song, according to Stephen Colbert, that is easy to dance to because the instructions are in the lyrics. Given Trump’s record on LGBTQ issues, these clips drip with irony.
Poster 25 with 12 days until election day. Just a simple message of hope. To come together as a nation. We have been divided for too long.
Poster 24 with 13 days until the polls open. My focus group respondents found this one to be too subtle, but the good thing about doing primary research is sometimes you can ignore it completely. Maybe I went with this because I wasted 35 minutes trying to silhouette some flames using my photoshop clone software. Because, frankly, I’m too cheap to pay for photoshop.
Poster 23 with two weeks to go: I started to think about all of the things that 45 and COVID-19 had in common and this is the result.
[Poster 22. 15 days to go.] I have always been a fan of Soviet-era posters and bold graphics and wanted to try something similar with one or two of these. It strikes me that the Tumpism form of flag-waving is nothing more than a ploy to make a few rich folks even richer. The roll-backs on the EPA, Trade, and climate accord withdrawals. Tax cuts for the most wealthy. The deals. The lack of transparency. As a result, our democracy is very close to becoming an autocracy.
Poster 21 with 16 days to go before election day. Are you a voter? Hope so.
This poster (No. 20 with 17 days to go) took a little longer and is a little inside baseball for people in the creative industry. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) has been the industry standard color matching system for designers forever. Most of us have used these little colored chips to spec colors in our work for decades. I was wondering if the color orange, if it had feelings, how it would feel about the current orange president. We’ve seen nieces and former NSA directors and generals come out and publicly endorse 45’s opponent, why not the color orange? Hope you like it.
Poster 9 with a short 18 days to go. The headline is actually a free font called BF Tinyhand which an artist made from a sample of 45’s handwriting. In Sharpie®, of course.
This is poster number 18 with 19 days to go before the election. A quick reminder that COVID has an ally in 45. 
Poster 17, 20 days to go. One of the things that annoys me about 45 is that his idea of building consensus and pushing policy decisions to the people involves a barrage of often incomprehensible tweets. Not presidential to say the least. I can’t wait for that to end. How about you?
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
Poster idea No. 16 is actually a series of posters. I’ve worked on this idea from day one and the quotes just keep on coming. I may have to update this series later on in the campaign.
This is Poster No. 15 with 22 days left in which to vote. I really do hope people vote.
Poster No. 14 with 23 days left until the election. A two-parter. I could probably animate this as well. The president has announced he is COVID-free. But the stuff that is coming out of him is still pretty toxic. Better to keep the mask on, maybe?
Poster No. 13 with 24 days to go. It occurred to me that in addition to being physically sick in 2020, the country is emotionally and ideologically sick as well. Fortunately a sea-change is on the horizon if good people take the responsibility of voting seriously.
Poster No. 12 with 25 days to go. This poster is an answer to the Michigan Militia plot to kidnap and assassinate the Michigan Governor. Clearly these criminals were bolstered by Trump’s rhetoric. It’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed.
Poster No. 11. With 26 days to go, the polls look good for Biden and they are improving every day so far. But that means some people might get complacent. This poster is designed to strike a little reality into the hearts of voters
Poster No. 10. 27 days until election day. I was astonished when I learned how many people stayed at home on the couch in 2016. 117 million people are enough to swing any election in any direction they wanted. But in an exercise in complete futility, they decided to not participate. If they do the same thing this time around, they will get the same result. A government that does not work for them because they did not do the work to vote them in. There is a stark difference between the presidential contenders this time around. It’s not, as some said in 2016, a choice between two bad options. I hope others see that.
Poster No. 9. 28 days until the votes are counted. And a reminder that every vote matters.
Poster 8. 29 days before the election. Sometimes a color can be a powerful weapon. An asset or a liability. The toxic nature of this race has gotten way out of hand.
Poster No. 7. We are 30 days from the election and as the news cycle reminds us, anything can happen. One could argue that another four years of the current president could be another thing that can make 2020 the worst year in 2020, so get. out there and vote.
Poster 6. 31 days until the vote. I really hope Trump gets better soon because I have some really fun anti-Trump ideas to share, but I don’t want to kick a man while he is down. Even him. Please share with your pals.
Poster 5, 32 days before the election. Given today’s news about 45’s diagnosis, I chose a more subtle and simple idea.
Poster 4: 33 days to the election. Note: this is an undistorted illustration traced from a news photo of one of 45’s ridiculously long, custom-made ties. You can read more about them here.
Post 3, 34 days to go and after last night’s debate this election cannot come soon enough.
Poster 2: 35 days to go.
Poster 1: 36 days to go.