Stickers for peace

We often feel powerless to stop the bad things in the world. When I feel that way, I try to use my experience and skill in some way. (Hey, it worked for Woody Guthrie.) The Russian invasion of Ukraine has prompted me to create a sticker campaign and you can help.

Here’s how:

Woody and his fascist-thwarting guitar
  1. We will be designing a new sticker every day and posting them once or twice a week.
  2. Like your favorite stickers on the @sand_nantucket Instagram page or the SAND page on Facebook. (Or rate your favorite stickers on this page, see gallery below.)
  3. The stickers with the greatest amount of engagement will get produced. I’ll likely start with a limited run of 50. Or 100 if they are wildly popular.
  4. Anyone who likes or rates a sticker can then receive one in the mail along with instructions for sending a donation to an international organization that is aiding refugees of Ukraine. Suggested donation: $20 or more.
  5. If you’d like to sponsor the printing of a sticker set, let me know. If you have a connection to a sticker company that wants to provide a discount for peace, really let me know. If you’d like to offer up a sticker design, let me know. I will upload and credit your design.